Essential Tips For Playing Poker

  1. Patience
    Patience is essential in poker , this is what will decide whether you will lose or win in the long term.Always start, and I ALWAYS say, the following principle: Why can I get into the game (in the game)? In principle, you must throw your hand, EXCEPT if it is a very good hand and / or if I have the right position on the table, if no one raised,
    Statistically, you will receive a good hand 2 times out of 10 (20% of the time). And yes, poker is a game of patience, at least if you want to be a winner. This may seem boring in the long run but remember that to win, you have to know how to respect certain principles (which all the greatest poker players in the world do).
  1. Hand selection
    Select your hands as indicated above (several summary tables are available in the “Docs” section).You will only be a winner in the long run.
  2. Watch your opponents
    Important point. Observation allows you to find one or more flaws in the way of playing of your opponent. How does he play his hands at the start of speech? (if you can see them after a showdown at the end of the game), where does the table raise? of how many ? Does it take time to bet? is he afraid etc …
    Each detail of its importance, the way it puts its chips on the mat (case of “live” party – in real life, casino or circle of games), does he look down when he has a game strong, weak, medium,Use these details to put pressure on it, relaunch it to test it, for example.
  3. Vary your poker game
    In order not to be “read” by your opponent (lions and eagles know perfectly how to decipher your behavior if you do not vary your game), vary it.
    Do not always bet the same amount when you raise or re-raise. Do not always do it from the same place. Restart from time to time in the middle of the floor, if you have a “playable” game (K-10s or 10-J style not matched, for example).
    If you are at the end of the word and no one has bet before you, raise to scare the blind and big blind in order to steal their bets (even with weak hands, this works very often). BE CAREFUL, however, not to do this too often in this position, otherwise you will quickly be classified as a “blind thief”.

5.If you have just lost a big blow, do not panic, do not leave in “TILT” (term used for a player who sucks the lead and starts playing anyhow because of a big previous defeat).
Take a deep breath, take a walk, have a glass of water, listen to some music to relax and forget your bad move. Do not let your opponents detect a panic in your home, in which case they will take advantage of it to destabilize you quickly.

6.Know how to throw your hands
Do not “marry” with your hands or your game. Know how to throw your cards when the situation requires it.If you have a pair of Jacks (JJ) and the Flop has an Ace (A), a King (K) or a Queen (Q), there can be danger, especially if there is a bet or a raise .